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I am hosting a free Mabon - Fall Equinox Ceremony on 21 September 22.

Sign up with your email above, if you would like to take part.

It's free and we gather online via a sacred and safe space on Zoom.



September 21 2022 is Mabon, the second out of three harvest celebrations in the wheel of the year.

Named after the Welsh god, Mabon, son of the Earth Goddess, it is a feast of giving thanks to the abundance and bounty we receive from Mother Nature.

In the Northern hemisphere, the Mabon portal marks the autumn equinox - a time when the universe expresses a perfect equilibrium in nature just before the days begin to wane again. Day and night are equally long, Yin and Yang performing their recurring dance of balance. The solar powers are slowly beginning to wane, giving way to shorter days and longer nights with Mother Moon prevailing.

From a mythological view, Mabon, the great son, was kidnapped and brought to the underworld. Consequently, he needed to withdraw his light from the outer to the inner world. Here in the womb of the Earth Mother he germinates and patiently waits for his rebirth in the coming spring. Eventually he was rescued by King Arthur or in different legends by the blackbird or the owl.

Mabon thus is rich in symbols of the withdrawing fertile solar energies. It is a time of retreat, slowly embracing the feminine energy of being.

Just as nature is coming into its equilibrium, can you perceive your body temple as the alchemical cauldron of the sacred union of polarities? Open yourself up beyond the perception of duality, consciously inviting polarities that may seem contradicting and allow yourself to embody the both "and". You are the master alchemist, knowing the secret ingredients your soul is longing for in order to feel whole.

It can be a powerful practice to explore your inner queen and king archetypes and the sacred marriage of the two within your heart center.

Mabon is a celebration in honor of the great labor to achieve the harvest. It is the moment of both - reflection and future aspirations.

Allow yourself to reap what you have sown during this past year before then also going into planting seeds of new ideas and projects for the coming season.

Now is also the perfect time to clear out and let go of what is no longer supporting you. Prepare for your inner winter.

There is a number of sacred sites around the world that were built as astronomical reflection of the Equinoxes. Check out my blog post on Ostara to find out more about this.

Symbols of Mabon:

Cornucopia - the horn of bounty: represents the both both male (erect/ phallic) and female (receptive womb) energies in its inclusive shape. Represents the bountiful harvest basket of nature.

Apple - in many religions and cultures, the apple has been a potent symbol of fertility, life, death and rebirth. And it holds the whole universe inside - cut an apple width ways and discover its secret!

A beautiful way to connect with the energies is to work with colours or plants/ flowers. For example you can wear them or you can decorate your home or your altar etc. accordingly.

Colours of the Mabon portal are: shades of gold, yellow, orange and red, amber, ruby, crimson, brown, ocher

Plants of the Mabon portal: apple, berries, grapes, pumpkin, sunflower, corn, chestnuts

Goddesses & Angels to work with: Persephone, Demeter, Innana, Ishtar, Charity, Tiamat

Questions for reflection:

  • Am I open to receive life's blessings and abundance?

  • In what areas do I have a mindset of scarcity (Do I believe there is not enough) and in what areas do I have a mindset of abundance and generosity (I trust that there is enough of everything for everyone)

  • What fruits am I allowed to harvest at this time of year?

  • What am I grateful for?

  • How do I feel about letting go? Does it come easy or do I attach?

  • What needs to come into balance within me?

Some ideas for your Mabon ritual celebration:

  • Lay a gratitude mandala in nature to give thanks to mother Earth (only use natural fabrics like flowers, rice, acorns, feathers etc. )

  • Plant bulbs for a blooming spring to come

  • Cleanse and smudge your home, clear out your closet

  • Go apple picking or berry picking



I am hosting a free Mabon - Fall Equinox Ceremony on 21 September 22.

Sign up with your email above, if you would like to take part.

It's free and we gather online via a sacred and safe space on Zoom.



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