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Did you know that much of our Easter celebrations and symbolism dates back to ancient times when our ancestors were honoring the Equinox?

In the northern hemisphere, Ostara and the Spring Equinox mark the rebirth of a new cycle of the zodiac.

Astronomically the earth's equator passes through the middle center of the sun. At the same time, the sun is moving into the zodiac sign of Aries.

With night and day being of equal length, equinoxes mark a balancing point of perfect equilibrium in the wheel of the year.

Dark and light, feminine (Earth) and masculine (Sun), inner and outer coming into balance to bring forth a new cycle.

In Celtic tradition, the goddess Eostre, later Ostara, was worshipped as goddess of dawn, new beginnings and earth's rich abundance.

Our ancestors already used eggs in ritual as sign for fertility and birth carrying the inherent knowledge that all life is created in the dark, the cosmic womb, the cosmic egg of creation.

Along with Eostre's mascot, the rabbit, another sign for fertility, Christianity adopted these symbols that are nowadays commonly known to represent Easter.

Our ancestral civilizations lived in close symbiosis with nature. Temples, pyramids, stone circles and other sites of worship were built to reflect and determine different cosmic happenings, the equinoxes among them. Proof of this can still be found in lots of sacred sites around the planet.

The pyramid of Kulkulkan at the ancient Mayan site in Chichen Itza, Mexico, built around 1.000 B.C., is creating a mesmerizing illusion during the equinoxes of a massive shadow that moves down the stairs of the pyramid like a giant snake.

Another spectacular phenomenon is the setting of the sun on the right shoulder of The Sphinx on the Spring Equinox in a distinct angle to the Chephren Pyramid. A strong hint that The Sphinx was crafted on purposed at that exact place where she watches over the Giza plateau, and this was already 4.500 B.C.!

This year, the beginning of spring will be celebrated on March 20 2022. The hopes of Imbolc are now starting to come to life.

Aries being a fire sign ruled by Mars is representing pure life force energy that wants to push forward.

Earth is reawakening, sprouts pushing through the soil, first flowers blooming and stretching their heads towards the sun. Maybe you can also feel a certain lightness in the air - the commonly known spring feelings.

Ostara brings forth the energies of the Maiden - come into action and be playful about everything that you do. It's the time to try out new things, to start something completely new. You are invited to give life to your dreams and ideas.

Questions for reflection:

  • What do I desire to invite into my life for this new cycle?

  • What seeds did I sew, that are allowed to be blooming in this new year?

  • What is my vision for this new cycle?

Some ideas for your Ostara ritual celebration:

  • Light a candle

  • Give offerings to Mother Earth

  • Paint some eggs

  • Plant flowers

  • Bake some fresh bread

If you are interested in diving deeper into the wheel of the year and how you can use these energies to support you, stay tuned! I have an awesome Litha Retreat coming up in the Swiss Mountains, where we will gather to celebrate midsummer at an ancient stone circle worship site. To be announced soon!

Learn about the cycles of the moon and how to manifest with her. Join the Soul Wisdom Tribe and become part of the new moon circles.

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