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Join the Samhain Temple Mysterium on 26 October 2022 live on Zoom.

Together we dive into the shadow realms, governed by Venus, Queen of the Underworld.



Samhain is calling and with this time of year we are deeply drawn to descend into the darkness and the winter of our own cycles.

The Celtic wheel of the year ends and begins with Samhain, meaning unification. Death and rebirth interwoven in the symbol of the ouroboros, the snake swallowing its own tail, rebirthing itself over and over again.

In Celtic mythology, the God as Sun King is sacrificed back to the land with the seed until the Winter Solstice, and the Goddess, now as Death Crone, mourns him until he rebirths at the Yule Festival. He travels the underworld, gleaning from its wisdom before being rebirthed.

We find the same symbology in the cycle of Venus, planet and ruler of all that we love. Venus has just completed her cycle as evening star, where she is visible as first star in the night sky. Now she is furthest from the earth and thus not visible. In this darkness, she is being rebirthed in the cosmic womb to then begin her ascension journey, where as of December she will be visible as glorious morning star.

As all life’s stirrings begins in the dark, in the womb-tomb, this is a time of pre-conception, of allowing the body to be slow and still. This reflective state is needed to deeply connect with your dreams and your lineage. Where are you coming from and where do you want to go?

It is a state from which you can sovereignly bring new life into the world, whether this is a project, a child or the rebirthing of your own identity.

The portal of Samhain this year 2022 opens on 25 October with the Dark Moon in Scorpio and ends 08 November with the Full Moon in Taurus.

This year the energies are amplified through Venus being in the Earth star chakra and the eclipse season. If you are sensitive, you might potentially feel this as heaviness or denseness, so allow yourself to even slooooow down more, go inward and come into deep listening.

Our ancestors were much more attuned to the rhythms of nature, where death was an integral part of life and was needed in order to bring forth a new cycle.

So, Samhain is literally a death festival to honor the spirits of the departed, to honor those who came before us - our ancestral lineage. The energetics allow a thinning of the veil, so it is easier to connect with the deceased and reclaim the wisdom that is held in your blood line.

In former days, the realms of the physical and spiritual world were more interwoven. And so during this time of year, lanterns were lit to guide spirits home that were haunted and had not yet fully passed into the otherworld. This habit is still alive today by carving pumpkins and lighting the Jack-O -Lantern.

Other remnants of these ancient rites and myths are still present in our calendars with the holy days of All Saints, All Hallows´Eve, All Souls Day. In Mexico the Dia de los Muertos is a major holiday and celebrated with much joy and reverence.

The archetype that wants to be called forward within this Scorpio season is the sorceress, the witch, the priestess.

Just as “where there is light, there is shadow”, we can imagine our dark-goddess self within us as the part that we are invited to connect with. Many of us have not cultivated a relationship with this part and might even be afraid to meet her. However she holds precious wisdom and gifts.

She, who has seen the abyss of her own shadows and transformed them into an integral part of herself. She, who has released false beliefs and shed every layer of her being down to the bones, leaving only the essence. Recognizing herself as a raw diamond permeating her whole being with the brightest light and discernment.

Call upon the goddesses Erishkagal (dark aspect of Inanna), Lilith (dark aspect of Eve), Medusa (dark aspect of Persephone) or Morgana to support you with the embodiment of your own Death Queen.

Symbols of Samhain:

Pentagram- the five-pointed star. This ancient powerful symbol holds the key to creation as it inherits all elements that are needed to create matter. Each point representing one of the elements: water, fire, earth, wind, ether.

Bones- a reminder of death and mortality in the actual physical sense of impermanence of all things. But also in the figurative sense of stripping bare to the core, to the bone, all that no longer serves us in order to free ourselves.

Blood- the living wisdom within you connecting you to your ancestral lineage. Codes anchored in your blood and DNA that give you access to a deeper truth. Blood is life, the pulsating stream of energy running through your veins.

A beautiful way to connect with the energies is to work with colours or plants/ flowers. For example, you can wear them or you can decorate your home or your altar etc. accordingly.

Colors of the Samhain portal are: black, brown, dark blue, purple, crimson, orange, copper, gold

Plants of the Samhain portal: apple, pumpkin, acorns, chestnuts, pomegranate, grapes, grape juice, mugwort, soil

Goddesses & Angels to work with: Erishkagal, Nephtys, Lilith, Morgana, Hekate, Medusa, the Violet Ray and the Violet Flame, Scorpio energy

Questions for reflection:

  • What is my relationship to the dark? What feelings and sensations does it bring up?

  • What false beliefs are keeping me away from my truth?

  • What needs to be released aka what needs to die within me for my true being to come forth?

  • What powers can I access through my (blood) lineage?

  • What healing needs to take place to be cleared from my lineage?

Some ideas for your Samhain ritual celebration:

  • Create an altar honoring your ancestors: Use old photos or heirlooms bringing in the energy of a loved on

  • Visit the graves of your deceased ones

  • Connect with your moonblood to dive into the wisdom of your blood lineage

  • Make herbal potions, teas etc. to attune to the plant kingdom and its medicine

  • Light a candle to guide the ancestral spirits home

  • Give offerings to mother nature or on your altar



Join the Samhain Temple Mysterium on 26 October 2022 live on Zoom.

Together we dive into the shadow realms, governed by Venus, Queen of the Underworld.



Attune to the cycles of nature and learn more about welcoming the cyclical into your life. Join the Soul Wisdom Tribe and become part of the new moon circles.

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