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Conscious Travel & Sacred Site Pilgrimages

I sail a long river and row back again. . . . I am the sojourner destined to walk a thousand years until I arrive at myself.


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Welcome beloved Seeker of the Sacred ☥

In the tapestry of existence, there lies a profound connection waiting to be discovered—a multifaceted dance between the soul and the timeless landscapes of myth, magick, and truth.

As a priestess devoted to guiding transformative pilgrimages, I extend an invitation to embark on a journey that merges the physical experience with the infinite eternal realms within and without.

Pilgrimages and conscious travel experiences are not just voyages to external destinations; they are sacred souljourns designed to facilitate a profound knowing of  self. In the embrace of ancient lands, stone circles and ceremonial temple sites, we experience a homecoming of soul and a remembrance of our purpose and destiny in the greater cosmos.


Together we are unraveling and re-weaving the threads of your personal and of our collective remembrance as creator gods and goddesses on this planet.

Every sacred site and ancient land holds keys and codes to be retrieved and activated within your body template and DNA.

It is in the communion with these codes that they come alive inside of us and we become stewards and transmitters of this energy to help us open up for greater love, realize the magick in every moment and unveil universal truths of existence.

Your initiation awaits...

Your heart will feel the call as certain structures or lands vibrate within your cells and you will feel a full body truth YES! 

I am excited and honored to be your guide to walk each other home, step by step of the journey!

With love and light

Julia 🌹

Beacon of Light
12 - 15 Sept 2024
  • Open your heart to expand the capacity to feel, give & receive love in all areas of your life

  •  Receive clarity & guidance on your purpose and every step of your path 

  • Come home to the intimate reconnection with self and other women sourced in truth and authenticity 


Equinox Retreat Experience -
Val Lumnezia

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Avalon - 
A Pilgrimage into the Heart Chakra of the Earth
Sept 2025

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Entering the Garden of Eden  
- Mauritius -

Dates tbd

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Priestess Pilgrimage to the Sacred Isle of Iona, World of Women 
- Scotland -

Sept 2025

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Atlantean Mermaid Retreat
- Greece -

Summer 2025

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