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Soul Wisdom Tribe

When women gather in circle, magic happens!

Find out about the different options to be part of your tribe.

I strongly believe in the power of circle, a sisterhood that chooses power with instead of a power over someone or something.

It is the feminine essence to include, to nurture, to weave a tapestry of love, wisdom and nourishment.

This is your place to be witnessed in your fullness, outside of conditioning and role models, a place of coming back to ancient wisdom and learning ritual and ceremony culture to bring the magick back into our daily lives!

Work with me

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"I love attending Julia's women's circles! Every one of them is different, as she taps into the energy of the season and the participants to create an experience that is just perfect.

From the first time that I joined, I felt very welcome in the circle. Julia creates a very open and easygoing atmosphere, where everyone can just be themselves. Even though I am on the introverted side, I always feel energized after attending. If you are looking for a space to connect to other women on a deep, personal level, in tune with the seasons, I highly recommend joining one of Julia's women's circles."


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