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Julia Leible, medicine woman, keeper of the violet flame of transformation and a rose priestess

Hello, my name is Julia.

​I am a sagittarius sun, capricorn rising, a cancer moon and a scorpio venus.

I love traveling and I love to explore the hidden nature of all things.

My favorite place to be is in nature. 

Connecting to the different elements, I feel alive and free.

Nature in all its forms teaches me the most profound truths of what life is about.​

I serve as a vessel for the Divine Feminine Presence, the Shekinah, in the greater awakening of the planet.

Having spent two decades in corporate project & process management while at the same time walking the priestess path, I embody the living bridge of both worlds. In 2021 I decided to fully devote my life to Soul Wisdom, a living body of work that is consecrated to empower female beings in remembering and embracing both, their divine and physical nature for it is in being the bridge that the magic and power unfolds in one’s life!

As a women’s ceremonialist and mentor, I guide women to live in tune with the rhythms of nature, reclaim their sovereign power and reconnect with their soul essence & wisdom.

As Reiki Master Teacher and energy healer I hold and facilitate space for potent transformational processes allowing others to access their innate soul wisdom.

My true passion lies in being an endless pilgrim and guiding you on sacred souljourns designed to facilitate a profound exploration of self. In the embrace of ancient lands enchanted by magick, we truly experience what it means to walk both realms and get to understand our place and purpose in the greater cosmos. My podcast, The Sacred Travel Podcast, is to launch soon!

Explore all the ways how to get in touch with me in the sections below!

I look forward to connect with you! 🌹

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