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Embody your feminine essence & unlock the forgotten wisdom

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Archetypal Wisdom Cards


As a women, you are a multifaceted being

Women often get lost in the search for identity what and who they represent. The liberating truth is - you are a multiverse being with many aspects, emotions and expressions.

Learn how to access and own the qualities that each archetype has to offer and how they support you in navigating through the different seasons and cycles of your life!

Anchor in your feminine power

As your guides, the archetypes represent the different aspects of the divine feminine principle. Call upon them to unleash your inherent powers and lean into your receptive feminine nature for more abundance in life!

View the world through the eyes of the adventurous maiden, evoke the unconditional love of the mother in your own heart, let your enchantress reign your queendom with grace and sovereignty and listen to the wise words of your inner crone!

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