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Soul Wisdom, Reiki, Transformation, Spiritual Coaching

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Let your inner knowing become your guiding compass

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Experience the loving embrace of your angel & goddess guides in a healing session to support and bring clarity into your life! 


Can you trust yourself?

Embark on a journey inward to reawaken and remember the gifts of your body, mind and soul.


When women gather in circle, magic happens!

Find out about the different options to be part of your tribe.


We all hold the inherent ability to heal ourselves and others. Unlock your unique gifts as superpowers in life!


Which offering is the right one for me?

If you are not clear about the way you would like to work with me or have further questions about treatments, programs etc. book your free clarification call here.

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„The soul holds the key to healing. To listen, quiet the mind“

Astrid Lee


Soul Wisdom
Unterdorfstrasse 17 
8274 Tägerwilen

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