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Check out the Online Masterclass on the Twelve Holy Nights and the program to join us for the whole experience Codes of Remembrance (in German).



The tradition of the Twelve Holy Nights is evolved among the alpine countries of Middle Europe. It might not actually be the correct English translations and I am aware there are also other traditions that go by the same name. So let me tell you about the myths and stories that are common in my home.

The significant time of the twelve nights derives from the deviation of the days/ nights of the lunar year (354 days) and the solar year (365 days). The remaining difference is exactly 12 days and nights, serving as a magical bridge between time and space that balance the different measurements and forces - The Twelve Holy Nights.

The Germanic title “Rauhnächte” , which translates to rough nights originates in a term meaning deep listening or prophesying/ divination. You may take this as a literal invitation to closely pay attention and give meaning to everything happening during these days and nights. The veil to the otherworld is thin, listen to the whispering of the trees, your heart and your soul what message they carry!

Starting from 25 December and lasting until January 06 of the new year, it is a time of year between the veils, between time and space. The old is not yet completed, the new is not yet here. Like a hovering rainbow node connecting realms, providing insights from different dimensions to dissolve dissonance and to infuse with light coding for the new year to arrive.

I invite you to consciously celebrate and live each of these twelve days aka nights as it will bring such a big difference into your life. I speak from experience when I say that I have manifested so many things in my life for the coming year already during the period of the Twelve Holy Nights. It is truly a magical time of year, holding so much power, if you know how to use the energies in your favor.

Back in the days, it was common to do as little activities as possible during this time of year. It was even not allowed to work or execute any other daily routine activity. As it was believed that during this time the spirits of the ancestors come to earth, no washing and or hanging linen was done, to avoid those spirits getting entangled or stuck.

In our modern world, this can be translated to be mindful with what you surround yourself with. Spend time in nature, be easy on you and make space for self-care ritual and time to cultivate a healthy routine, maybe including meditation, journaling or yoga.

There is two important aspects present as we come to close off the year and begin a new cycle - reflection and foresight. Whereas most people tend to head into the preview mode straight away, I invite you to spend a decent amount of time to reflect the past twelve months first. There is a lot of messages and codes that we tend to miss out on if we jump straight into the new.

Each of the Twelve Holy Nights represents one month of the coming year and thus the distinct energetic qualities significant for this month. As a cyclical being, we are part of the turning wheel of the year and are given the opportunity during this bridging period to already feel into each particular energetics that might be awaiting us in the coming year.

A very powerful ritual you can do for each of the Twelve Holy Nights/ Days representing the 12 months ahead.

Prepare 13 wishes that you note down on paper and neatly fold, so it is a secret what each piece of paper is holding.

Get yourself a journal to keep track of everything that happens during the Twelve Holy Nights. Move through the days with heightened awareness and intention! Everything you turn your attention to, will be amplified.

Start on the night of 25 December (representing January) and continue all the way through to the night of 05 January (representing December).

1. Reflection: What happened in this particular month of this year? Is there anything that was not completed, that needs to be felt/ seen/ heard again? What are you grateful for in this month? What did you do? Who was with you?

Clear out any old energies in your home by smudging or burning incense.

When you are done reflecting and feel complete, lock this month by checkmarking it in your calendar or notebook or spin three times clock wise.

Let go of this month in love and gratitude!

2. Divination: Collect any symbols and codes, anything you come across each day is meaningful and can be seen as a sign from the heavens. May it be numbers, animals, patterns, be mindful of your surroundings. Also, take note of your dreams.

All of this is powerful information coming to you hinting you to what may happen or occur in this particular month of the year to come.

If you feel the call, use your favorite divination tool (oracle cards, tarot cards, scrying etc.) to make prophecies of what is to come.

What is it you would like to invite into your life during this specific month? See and feel who you wanna be! Make a vision board to invite the desired energies into your field.

Lock this month by burning one of your wishes (do not check which one it is). The way the paper burns can tell you about how easy this wish will manifest.

3. If you would like to take it a step further, you can call upon one divine feminine archetype holding the codes and keys for this specific month.

Call upon a goddess representing this archetype and ask to be shown how you can embody this energy within your own life.

4. One wish remains after these twelve nights. Open it and find out, which one it is.

This is the one you yourself take responsibility for to make it manifest.

5. Above all: Do what feels good for you! This is a time of me-time and rest, it should in no way be stressful for you! So take the elements that resonate, you can always do more or less if this is in alignment.

Colors of the Twelve Holy Nights portal are:

silver, white, light blue, ivory, gold, green, red

Symbols of the Twelve Holy Nights portal:

tree log, evergreen, mistletoe toe, chimes & bells, wreath

Goddesses & Angels to work with:

The twelve female archetypes and their goddess expressions



Check out the Online Masterclass on the Twelve Holy Nights and the program to join us for the whole experience Codes of Remembrance (in German).



Attune to the cycles of nature and learn more about welcoming the cyclical into your life. Join the Soul Wisdom Tribe and become part of the new moon circles.

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