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Updated: May 1, 2023



Learn more about the ancient festivals of the Druids and the Magdalenes and join us for the AVALON ROSE PILGRIMAGE

in September 2023!



As the Wheel of the Year turns, we are entering the Beltane Portal honoring life, fertility and growth.

This High Holy Day marks the culmination of Spring and the beginning of Summer. The symbology is rich here, the Maiden Goddess in her utmost vitality and fertility turns into the May Queen. The Green Man turns into the Oak King for the Beltane night and together they hold the Great Wedding feast, making love. Polarities of sacred feminine and sacred masculine, of earth and heavens coming together in order to conceive the fruit of life. This union is not solely for reproduction, but a remembrance of the origin story of the creation of the universe itself.

Beltane is a fire festival in devotion to the increasing energy of the sun. "Bel" meaning "the shining one" or "the bright one" is the Celtic Sun God. Teine is Gaelic for fire.

In times when the great Mother Goddess was still worshipped, people would come together on the Eve of 01 May and light big bonfires to pray to Bel and ask for the nurturing sunlight to bring a bountiful harvest. All other fires in the community were put out and everyone gathered around the bonfire. It was a great celebration with cattle processions, fairs, music and dancing.

Maidens would jump the fire for purification and manifestation of prosperity and fertility in all endeavors of life. Couples would jump the fire and exchange vows to pledge themselves to each other.

It was a night of celebrating the awakening of life force energy in nature and in oneself. Many couples would spend the nights in the surrounding woods and fields to make love, to plant the seed of life for the next generation to come to earth a couple of months later.

During these celebrations, the priestesses and druids would mingle with the common people. Above all, the High Priestess of Avalon had an important part. She would come to the people and serve as an oracle to declare the future of the land as well as provide answers to questions with regards to the future, the harvest, outcomes of battles or any other undertaking. Usually this took place with the help of psychedelic plants evoking oracular visions and trance states. The fumes of the flames adding on to a mysterious spectacle of foresight.

The theme of Eros is widely present these days in nature and carries a rich symbology even today.

The May Pole for example represents the phallic masculine energy of strength, potency and fertility that is entering the womb of the Earth ( the feminine).

Trees originally interwoven with Beltane are Rowan, Birch and Hawthorne. Rowan carrying protective energy for house, barn and stables, Birch being considered to leverage feminine traits and fertility, Hawthorne being a mystical sacred tree since many centuries carrying the energy of the heart. And so it is that still today the tradition of living May Poles dates back to these ancient times.

The fire is also the elemental symbol for Shakti, Chi, Ki, the life force that runs through everything and everyone. During the Beltane portal, you are invited to explore how this life force, that is Eros energy is moving through you. You are invited to explore your inner polarities and guide them into union, so the most potent co-creation of manifesting your life's desires can happen!

We celebrate solar Beltane on 01 May and Lunar Beltane with the Full Moon in Scorpio on 05 May.

The Venusian Taurus energy that is all about the connection and sensation in our own bodies connecting in with the deep watery Scorpio energies as our emotions make up a potent mix of deep sensual experiences.

Symbols & Rituals of Beltane:

May Pole - Put up a May Pole or a miniature version to call in the energies.

Flower Crown - Make yourself a flower crown and crown yourself as the May Queen!

Fire - Light a bonfire or a candle to evoke the life force energy of the dancing flames within and without.

Colors of the Beltane portal are: orange, red, crimson, green, bright pink, white

Plants of the Beltane portal: pomegranate, apple blossom, hawthorn, rowan, birch, mugwort, violet, Lilly of the valley

Goddesses & Angels to work with: Rhiannon, Mary Magdalene, Morgana, Lady Hope, Venus, Aphrodite, Maya

Questions for reflection:

  • What does fertility mean to me? How and where do I feel it in my body?

  • How is my relationship to my inner queen?

  • How is my relationship to my inner king?

  • How can I bring them together in sacred union to manifest my biggest dreams?

  • How can I bring more passion into my every day life?

  • Do I let life force energy (Eros) run through my body or do I suppress it?

Check out the Beltane Meditation on my You Tube Channel to align your inner polarities in your heart!



Learn more about the ancient festivals of the Druids and the Magdalenes and join us for the AVALON ROSE PILGRIMAGE

in September 2023!



Attune to the cycles of nature and learn more about ancient teachings, welcoming ritual and ceremony into your life. Join the Soul Wisdom Tribe Telegram Group.

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