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Imbolc - meaning “in the belly of the mother” - carries the promise of the very first sign of life before it is even seen.

The tiny seed buried deep in the ground of mother earth…that with the tender touch of sunlight and love will become the beautiful flower in spring.

The very faint idea in the back of our head, that is turning into a great vision and then manifestation.

This subtle feeling deep down in our belly that something big is about to happen.

In the ancient Celtic traditions, with Lunar Imbolc a portal of rebirth, new life stirrings and initiations after a long winter’s rest opens. Marking the midway between Yule and Spring Equinox, it is the hope for reawakening and fertile growth.

In nature, the harbingers of spring, not more than subtle sprouts peeking through the surface, stretching towards the first rays of warming sunlight.

As without, so within.

We are invited to look inwards and be reminded of our own dreams and eternal light dwelling within the core of our being.

It is a time of clearing out and purifying to make room for a fertile soil and plant our seeds within womb, heart and mind.

Tend to all that wants to be nurtured within. This is still the time to rest and listen...

Find yourself returning to what feels pure and innocent for you!

Brigid is the goddess associated to Imbolc as she holds the eternal flame, reigning of hearth and home.

For me personally, Isis is very present with her energies during these days. With her healing and motherly energy she supports enlightenment of our inner gems ready to be seen and bloom when the time is ready.

Later this ancient festivity was also interpreted to honor the purity of the Virgin Mary. Candles were blessed, hence also the name Candlemass.

Especially this year on 02.02.2022, the Imbolc portal will be amplified by the frequencies of Mary Magdalene (as number 22 is holding her frequency).

Her ancient, but not so well known gospel reveals in the very first chapters, “the first form is darkness”. A reference that all life is being born out of the dark, the void, the womb. Circling back to Imbolc, this darkness is birthplace for the re-emergence of light.

The energies of these days carry the potential for all that is ready to be reborn from true love, inherent wisdom and soul centered sovereignty.

Brigid, Isis, Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene as torch bearers of the eternal flame are here to support and witness you in your rebirthing process.

Some questions for reflection: What seeds do you want to nourish?

What is waiting in you to be birthed? What are you allowing to grow? What feels innocent and pure for you?

If you feel called to join a collective rebirth process of the feminine consciousness, I am happy to welcome you to my upcoming event "Return of the Magdalene consciousness".

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