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Equinox Retreat Experience - Val Lumnezia

Beacon of Light

12 - 15 September 2024

The Equinoxes are powerful balance points in the cosmos. It is in this embrace of the both, your divine and your earthly nature, that you become the Beacon of Light illuminating change, sovereignty and divine feminine leadership from the heart!

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Are you feeling your Soul's Call for Alignment?​

  • Do you feel like you are straddling two complete separate worlds? A thriving career and/ or family life versus the spiritual You craving for deeper connection, expansion of self and alignment with a deep purpose and sense?

  • Are you yearning to fully embrace and express your divine feminine nature in all aspects of life without holding back, being ashamed or feeling misunderstood?​​

  • Do you aspire to live life as a sacred container, where work, family, and personal interests can harmoniously coexist nourishing your purpose and fulfillment?

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If you are sensing an inner 'Yes' to any of these questions,

then this Retreat Experience is for you!

It is time to explore deeper now!

You are the living bridge of  both worlds -

the divine and the physical realm!

Enter the web of  life & weave with spirit

The energy of this mesmerizing place combined with our master spirit guides stewarding this experience supports a one of a kind retreat experience for deep connection, personal growth and transformational power.


  • Close the gap of feeling disconnect or inner conflict to navigate the many realms between being a spiritual woman on her path of self-exploration while also being a partner, a mother, an entreprenista, a successful business woman and more!

  • Evaluate in what areas in your life and why you feel mis-aligned with your values

  • Learn concrete tools and activate ancient body technology that propel you on your highest timeline possible

  • Master the art of Re-Alignment taking away pressure from you to having to clear out or separate from people in your life or that job that you actually like and instead consciously open a field of love to lead your actions and behavior into wholeness and fulfillment



  • Come home to the truth that the separation you experience between the different lifes you are living, is not real but mind created

  • You are a divine soul, having been gifted this beautiful body as a vessel to navigate this human experience and fulfill your purpose as beacon of light on earth

  • Living your life and every aspect of it as a ceremony, will deepen your sense of belonging to everything you do and every person you are in relationship with significantly

  • Be inspired to create rituals with intention that breath magic and meaning into the most mundane things in your life, such as ironing or doing your taxes

  • You will become a master in the art of co-creating a field of unity consciousness with spirit, the land, the elementals and other humans


  • Attune your nervous system to feeling safe to openly speak and embody your spirituality 

  • Feel supported, seen and understood by likeminded women, with the same everyday struggles

  • Nourish bonds with your soul community connecting you beyond the retreat experience

  • Gain new perspectives and inspiration through relateable shared experiences on how to bridge stretches between the spiritual you and your business or family life

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  • Root yourself in the presence and depths of your own heart & soul as your guiding anchor in life for aligned decision making

  • Harness the energies of the divine feminine archetypes of the queen & the empress to claim the legacy you came here to live

  • Explore the power of supporting tools (local crystals, herbal & vibrational essences, spirit guides) to ground your dreams and desires into manifested matter

  • Discover herbalism as natural medicine that will enhance the wellbeing of you and your family


  • Uncover the feminine way of leadership yielding power with instead of power over at its core

  •  Give yourself permission to let go of  limiting beliefs around worthinessmoney and more to harness the full potential of abundance that is available to you in all areas of your life

  • Explore different ways of voicing your boundaries, needs and communication in order to create understanding instead of more separation in your immediate field 

  • Understand that in not hiding and putting your divinity at the core essence of your aligned actions, you are doing a great service to yourself, your community and humanity overall

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"Your Light is the catalyst in these times of upheaval to bring forth a new way of Leadership from the Heart and to create a Legacy that future generations can thrive on in Sovereignty, Truth and Co-creation with this planet."

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What is included?

Included in the retreat 

  • 1 Preparation Call prior & 1 Integration Call after the retreat via Zoom

  • Daily Hikes to powerful places to remember your divinity and re-connect the "Both And"

  • Ritual Workshops and Ceremonies to connect to the web of life and Yourself as Divine Feminine Presence

  • Creative Workshops such as Flower Crown Making, Vibrational Essence Making, Crystal Gridding

  • Summer Solstice Ceremony to activate the full radiance of your Solar Feminine Empress Codes inside

  • Completion ceremony in Switzerland's biggest stone circle

  • Supporting techniques for body, mind and soul, such as Body Tapping, Breathwork, Meditation

  • Daily Sharing Circles & deep conversation in sister community 

  • Sacred Spa Time in the famous Felsentherme Vals

  • Time for Self-Reflection, Integration and Being 

What else is included?

  • Accommodation of 3 nights

  • Delicious vegetarian, organic and local meals (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner) plus Tea and Water during meals 

  • Visit Crystal Shop & Museum owned by a local mining family

  • Activations from the land and our spirit retreat guides

  • Herbal Wisdom and much more.....

What is not included?

  • Transfer to and from venue (car sharing possible)

  • Any additional snacks or drinks you would like to consume during the day

  • Any purchases made at the crystal shop or any other shop

  • Personal 1-1 consultation or treatments; Can be booked in addition upon request and if time allows

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Vals, Val Lumnezia
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The Retreat House

The charming and energetically potent town of  Vals is nestled in Val Lumnezia, the Valley of the Light in the Swiss mountains.
We will be calling "The Sun Panorama" our home for the stay of the entire retreat. The 5* Star House has all contemporary amenities available including a terrace and patio and a big garden/ greenfield for ceremony and recalibration.
There is 3 rooms available with double beds to share or use as single occupancy on request.
If you choose double, you will be sharing the room with a retreat spirit buddy for the days of our stay.
Two rooms have a private bathroom, two rooms share one bathroom.
There is ample space for privacy, contemplation or daily self practice inside and outside.

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Is this Experience for you?

  • If you have answered any of the initial questions with a big soulfoul YES!

  • You are physically fit to take moderate hikes of around 3 hours a day 

  • You have a high level of self-responsibility towards your mental, physical and emotional constitution

  • You are willing to share intimate space with a group of sisters and be witnessed in your process

  • You are ready to show up vulnerable, face triggers and reveal parts that are dear to your heart & soul 

  • You are ready to embrace big expansions and attune your entire consciousness to a new frequency that is leveraging you into the next spiral of your life path 

  • You are aware that the desired transformation you are undergoing will have deep ripple effects into every aspect of your life, from personal to work, business and your immediate family & friends


Meet Your Host & Team

I am looking forward to be sharing the magick of my happy place with you!

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What Others Say

Foto 12.02.24, 11 52 43 (8).jpg

Little I knew how much impact the Solstice Retreat would have on me. Not knowing anybody I instantly felt welcome and embraced by yours and the groups warm and loving energy. I mostly enjoyed the deep connection with nature that we practiced all through the program. How beautiful it was to be held by natural sisterhood, being understood the way one is meant to be. Thanks for sharing your gift and love and offering this safe and warm space to just be and rise. Love,

Jenni - Switzerland

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Your Investment:

Double Occupancy - 1´777.- CHF

Single Occupancy - 2'222.- CHF (available upon request)

Payment Terms: A deposit of 666CHF is due upon booking, the remaining amount will be due 4 weeks later. 

If you book after 15 August, the full amount will be due upon booking.

Payment plans are available on request.

Cancellation Policy: All sales are final, no refunds granted.

6 spots available 

Join this life- transforming experience now!

Click below to book.

If you have questions or desire some clarification first, don't hesitate to schedule a clarity call with me.

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