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Sacred Travel Preparation / Integration

Sacred Sojourn Starter - 1.5 hour session

  • 1 h 30 min
  • 188 Swiss francs
  • Online Meetings via Zoom

Service Description

Are you embarking on a sacred travel experience or have you just returned and are trying to make sense of all the expanded experiences? This unique service is designed to elevate your conscious travel experience and amplify its profound and multilayered effects in all areas of your life. Traveling with spiritual purpose is so much more than a mere voyage to external destinations; it encourages initiations and activations on soul-level that want to be remembered, activated and integrated as embodied wisdom into your being. Often such a journey is life-altering and may bring transformation in areas of your life that you might not have thought of before. I am here to guide you every step of the way and support you in the process as a stabilizing pillar, loving witness and reflective mirror. Is this service for you? • You feel the calling to visit a certain country, sacred site or place and are looking to receive further insights and guidance allowing you to take the next steps • You are preparing for a pilgrimage or sacred travel experience and would like to know how to make the most out of if or seeking detailed guidance on working with a specific sacred site medicine, element or ritual • You returned from a life-changing trip and find yourself struggling to go back to your "normal life" or do not really know what to make out of all the experiences, insights and energies received What will you gain from the session? 🗝️ Clarity on your travel purpose on personal and soul level 🗝️ Increased confidence to trust the unfoldment of the new experience 🗝️ Practical tips, inspiration and guidance supporting you in consciously experiencing every part of the journey 🗝️ Anchoring of spiritual growth and retrieved wisdom into your daily life and its many areas 🗝️ Fostering lasting transformation and personal evolution 🗝️ A more profound sense of connection to yourself, others, the Earth and the net of all-connectedness *This service is also available as a bundle of 3 sessions, curated to support you best along the process before and after your souljourn.

Cancellation Policy

No show without prior communication or cancellation will not result in any refund. Re-bookings are at our discretion. All sales are final, no refunds granted.

Contact Details

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