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Julia Leible, medicine woman, keeper of the violet flame of transformation and a rose priestess

Hello, my name is Julia.

I am a medicine woman, a keeper of the violet flame of transformation and a rose priestess. An ancient lineage of priestesses trained in the arts of healing & magick that dates back to the times of Atlantis. 

In this lifetime, I was born and raised at Lake Constance.

First on the German side, now in Switzerland, my chosen home country.

I am a sagittarius sun, capricorn rising, a cancer moon and a scorpio venus.

I love traveling and I love to explore the hidden nature of all things.

As a sacred site & pilgrimage facilitator, it is my greatest pleasure to guide and witness you through your unique initiations and remembrance that happen when we connect with sacred portals and places.

My favorite place to be is in nature. 

Connecting to the different elements, I feel alive and free.

Nature in all its forms teaches me the most profound truths of what life is about.

My passion for going beyond the cognitive senses, has led me to become a Reiki Master, an Angelic healer and a channel of the divine feminine. 

My work is devoted to supporting women realizing and unleashing their very core essence. For when you experience your soul´s touch, you find the real gem within and  anything is possible from this point.

Holding space for transformational processes - either for individuals or groups, is dear to my heart.

I am here to witness you stepping into the inherent power of your soul´s gifts and support you with tools unique to your journey.

All my services are highly intuitive and individual to your needs. Sessions can be booked in English or German.


Trainings & Certifications

𓆃 I am a student of life, always seeking for the magick in the mundane. 𓆃

My own journey of reclaiming my soul gifts has led me to study with beloved mentors all over the world to unveil the mysteries of life as well as to travel various sacred sites from Egypt to Greece, Mexico and many more. 

















Magdalene Reiki I with Je t'aime Cheree

Egyptian Energy Healing after Edgar Cayce

Priestess of the Moon with Achintya Devi

Flower Essence Alchemy with Ameya Cohen

Dolphin Healing Course with Laurie Henderson

The Rite of the Womb with Sarah Naia Soleil

Usui Reiki Master Teacher with Allison Holley

Angelic Reiki I & II with Natalie Sappelt

Start Your own Tea Practice with Mariana Rittenhouse

Priestess of the Rose by Goddess Rising Mystery School with Achintya Devi and Ameya Cohen

Egypt Priestess Pilgrimage with Achintya Devi and Sarah Naia Soleil

Earth Medicine Priestess Certification (Shamanic Space

Holding and Rituals) with Inga Laumann

The Ultimate Clearing Protocol with Christoph Melchizedek

Usui Reiki Level I

Usui Reiki Level II

Usui Reiki Master with Allison Holley

True Creator Channeling Certification with Allison Holley

50h Vinyasa Yin Yoga Training

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